Hi, My Name is Paul

by Feedback Psychosis

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released March 17, 2015

Paul Turillo -- Vocals
Camden Healy -- Guitar
Dylan Smith -- Bass
Chris Matherly -- Drums

all music by Feedback Psychosis.
all lyrics by Paul Turillo.
recorded by Dylan Smith.



all rights reserved


Feedback Psychosis Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: wreck of a body
tossing in my sleep
harsh reality
it awakens me
i begin to freak
crying into sheets
lower i descend
lower i descend
lower i descend

these thoughts i dread
i descend
i descend

i want to elude the spirits haunting me
but the voices in my head they just won't
leave me be, no change for the best
the beast beneath my bed
just wont let me rest
until I paint this town red
red! red! i want to paint my town red!
Track Name: the international super best friends club
through all these years
we have remained true
to ourselves
our vision is still clear
twisted by no one else
sacrifice after sacrifice
we manage to scrape by

never compromise
these things keep you alive
never compromise
your dreams for your demise
Track Name: namekian code of the streets
make the same mistake
lie straight to my face
i’ll put you in your place
Track Name: turtle soup
tortured souls
altered genes
locked up

man made species
existing just to suffer
unnecessary death
it’s being served for supper

toxic skies
polluted clouds
kills everything
it surrounds
Track Name: graves
there is no escape
as we degenerate
the world disintegrates
it all disintegrates

we brought our own doomsday
we’ll prepare each others grave
Track Name: drop out and drop in
take it back
this land is yours
obey no rules
bow to no lords
stay true to the core
rip it up

shred the first floor
nothing you can do
here to stay

take it back this
This land is yours
obey no rules
bow to no lords
fuck those 9-5’s
get real
get a life

adolescent world angers me
all you rats spread like a disease
you’re the filth in the air i breathe
you won't get the best of me
Track Name: hang late so you can eat great
hangin out one in the morning
out come the wolves without warning
got nothing to say
cops are all the same
sharing one smelly taint
no hope for relief
bastards ruin everything
break into our house
cause we’re not coming out
Track Name: level up
if you don’t like the words i say
then turn the fuck around and walk away
if you don’t like the way i act
then get the fuck off of my back
and screw

don’t tell
me what to do
Track Name: hi my name is paul
and lie
and beg
and steal
i look at you
and disgust is all I feel
get out of here
get away from me

find something real

lost in my own head
stuck on words that
i wish I had said
can’t tell who’s my friend
the struggle never ends
it never fuckin ends
madness is that’s real
frustration is all I feel
it’s all I ever feel
the madness is all that’s real

gotta get outta here

yeah, it’s all that’s real
is all this real?
is all this fucking real?
Track Name: bug
like a fucking bug
you’re always pestering me
i won't stroke your ego
i won't ever sink that low

i like bananas
i like bananas
i like bananas
i like bananas
i like bananas
i hate vanna
Track Name: pins and needles
the way you’re living your life today
is quite disappointing just to say the least

when will it end?

open your eyes
before it’s too late
before you die
before you fade away

you’ll be another kid in the park
another junkie after dark
yeah a kid in the park
you’ll become a junkie after dark